#1 Would someone explain to me why diesel trucks do this? von RobertStandley 12.07.2018 12:05


I'm genuinely curious if there's some technical/mechanical reason for this behavior: Why do diesel truck drivers, when they're parked, often just leave their trucks idling? There's a fucking flatbed truck with a piece of landscaping equipment parked outside my house right now that has been idling for over an hour. And I notice this all time time -- Only if the truck is not going anywhere for a long, long time does it seem like they turn off the engine.It's obnoxious, inefficient/wasteful, noisy, and the exhaust stinks, but I got to wondering: Is there a reason for this? Is there something about large diesel engines that it's hard to start them or something? Something that would make it better to just let them sit there burning fuel instead?

Please help.

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