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>First Business Credit Card
Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th Jerry Rice Jersey , 2010

Most business owners understand that it is much easier and safer to make transactions with credit cards. Moreover, credit cards give you rewards, bonuses and discounts for the money you spend with your plastic. Big corporations use corporate credit cards and small business owners apply for small business credit card offers.
So you have decided to start a business and you need a credit card. What are the steps you need to take to get a credit card that will help your emerging business?
Start with checking your credit report. You are just starting your business so banks will consider your personal credit reputation. Most credit cards for small business require excellent or good credit score. If there are no discrepancies in your credit report and your score is high enough you can proceed to the next step ? choosing a credit card.
But what to do if your credit history leaves much to be desired? The most important thing to do is to work out a plan on how to rebuild your credit. Make sure that you pay all your bills on time. Apply for credit cards that do not require good credit standing ? store cards Joe Montana Jersey , secured cards or bad credit card deals. Of course, you won?t get the desired credit score overnight but if you stick to your plan you will surely improve the situation.
Step number two is selecting the right credit card deal. Your decision should be based on your main reason of getting plastic. Do you need to borrow some money to get your business going? Then look at the credit limit. Of course, the final decision about your credit line will be made by the bank. It will be based on your credit standing. But you can still get a general understanding of how much you can get because most credit card issuers will stress that a certain card gives an up to $25 Authentic 49ers Hats ,000 or up to $50,000 credit limit.
If the main reason for getting a credit card is rewards scrutinize the rewards section. Find answers to the following questions: How many points or miles will you get for every dollar spent? What can they be redeemed for? Do these points expire? Is there a cap on the number of miles or points you can earn during one billing period or during a year? Is there a sign-up bonus? Do you get extra-pointsmiles after your first purchase? Do you get special bonuses for purchasing specific items?
Don?t forget about special services such as annual or monthly account summary or hotel booking assistance. These small perks might turn out to be very handy.
Having compared all the services and bonuses it is time to calculate how much the card will cost you. A good way to cut expenses is to apply for a plastic with no annual fee. Although you never know for sure what your APR will be (it is also based on your credit score) use the numbers the bank gives. Keep in mind that it is sometimes better to apply for a card with fixed low APR than to an offer with 0%APR during the introductory period but high APR thereafter.
Credit card deals are a wonderful tool of financial management! Don?t hesitate to take advantage of them and you will be rewarded.

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